Hams for the Holidays


News Staff Photo Pictured: Sophomore Council Representatives: (left) Emma Collins, VP, (center) Catlin Porter , President, (right) Abby Raguckas, Secretary

Starting Monday, November 20 through Wednesday, December 12 the Sophomore Student Council is selling Dearborn Brand products including their famous hams.

Fundraising kicked off on November 20 when every student received a packet including a letter with important dates, an order form, and a fundraising menu from the Dearborn Brand company.

The deadline is December 12 for students to order ham, sausage, franks (hot dogs), steak strips, chicken, and many more Dearborn Brand products.

The order forms can be turned into the main office any day through December 12. If students wish to write a check then they must make it out to South Lyon East High School.

On Tuesday, December 19, all the orders will be delivered to SLEHS and be available for pickup that same day from 2:30- 4:00 p.m. right before the holiday break!

This is the second year that the Student Council for the class of 2020 is selling Dearborn Brand products, but this is the first year that the fundraiser is expanded to the entire school.  Last year, the fundraising was only focused on the freshman class.

Sophomore Class Vice President Emma Collins said, “ I think giving it to all the classes will be very beneficial.”

Last year, the council made $660 off of the sales.

The fundraising money will be used in many ways for the council’s big events.

Sophomore Class President Caitlin Porter said, “The overall goal is to make as much money as we can before we have to start planning prom.”

It is very important to the council that they make as much money as possible to avoid being in debt after planning the class of 2019’s prom.

“Last year we made a huge leap with the $660, plus our Sweet and Salty Monday sales, we got just about $1,000 in our savings. This year our goal is $1,000 [from fundraising], we’ll be over $2,000 which will be awesome and we could pay for our venue without getting a loan from Executive Council so that’ll be really helpful,” said Meaghan Dennis, the sophomore class adviser.

Porter commented on the overall fundraiser from last year; “They worked out pretty well considering that we had to make half our student council buy them to get the minimum [26]. We ended up going above that though.”

The Dearborn Brand company only will deliver the products if there are at least 26 orders placed.

Collins said enthusiastically about the fundraiser, “I mean who doesn’t want a ham for Christmas.”