East’s New Recycling Program


Photo by Emily Taliaferro

South Lyon East High School reopened a recycling program sponsored by NHS and Mr. Schmitz on October 13. The teachers are accepting cans, plastic bottles and paper in their classroom bins.

National Honor Society Adviser Mr. Schmitz has reorganized and sponsored the recycling program for the school.

Schmitz said, “It will never be school policy, but I personally like the program.”

On Mondays, the recyclables are gathered from the classrooms and are put out on the loading dock for it to be picked up by a company and off to the dump on Tuesdays. 

They can not recycle glass because of safety hazards.

The recycling program idea came from when the school was first opened.

Assistant Principal Mrs. Bowman said, “Yes, we have had a recycling program, years ago, but it got too expensive.” Years back, the SIP committee was in charge of the recycling programs for about four to five years.

Ms. Bowman said, “It’s a lot of work. What we really need are the three compartment trash cans.”

Science Teacher Mrs. Rosenbaum said, “This program should open eyes to students and inspire them to help out the Earth and make people aware of what can be recycled.” 

Bowman also added, “If I had the power to change anything about the program, I would not only change it to school policy, I would make it district wide.”