South Lyon Unified Hockey Catch-up


By Shelby Jaguszewski

The South Lyon Unified Hockey team hopes to take home another victory in their up-and- coming game February 5th against Lakeland, after their 4-3 win in last week’s game against Lakeland.

”It was amazing to see the team come together like we did. (We) couldn’t have asked for a better win”, said Left Wing Aaron Caicco

Currently, the team holds a 11-5 record and are number 1 in LVC. “To be able to win, you have to be committed, have determination, and take pride in your team,” said team Captain Jace Gerlach.

In anticipation of the next game, the players kick themselves into high gear. They have numerous practices to attend and systems to learn.

Upon game day, players prepare themselves in many different ways. “I throw on the music and begin to warm up,” said Jack Marchand, South Lyon Unified Defense Man.  While other teammates, like Aaron Caicco, choose to go over the systems learned in practice.

The boys have many more tough games ahead. “Livonia is going to be one of our tougher competitors in our upcoming games,” said Gerlach.

The team’s passion for their sport contributes greatly in helping them win, and some of the players discovered that passion at a young age. “I started playing when I was 6,” said Caicco.

Upon joining the team, the boys learned a new sense of companionship, cooperation, and determination.

“I have met many great people who I’ve become close with since I’ve joined the team; they always have my back,” said Marchand. “Hockey has made me more driven in life, ready to meet and accomplish my goals and whatever I set out to do,” said Caicco.

The team hopes to continue doing well and “steal dubs” out on the ice, as well as set a new record this year.

“I’m definitely excited to see what’s to come in future games, hopefully, more dubs,” said Gerlach.