Charity Week 2019


By: Jacob Chestnut 

Charity week, a new tradition that Student Council is starting this year, starts February 25 and ends on March 1. The Council has a goal of raising $1,200 for the Make- a-Wish Foundation on behalf of South Lyon East in the LVC league.

Charity week allows students the ability to “skip class” and instead participate in some fun events.

Although Charity week does give students the ability to not be present in specific class hours, teachers do have the right to deny students from being absent in class. And it is highly recommended that students check their grades and schedules prior to buying a ticket and entering for the drawing.


Here are the events that students are able to sign up for:

Tuesday, February 26Pancake Breakfast during second hour

Wednesday, February 27Relaxing stretching and a bounce house during second and third hour

Friday, March 1Movie viewing during fifth and sixth hour


If students wish to sign up to participate in these events, they can enter a ticket during all lunches. Students should then take their ticket and place it in a bucket labeled for the corresponding day/activity that they wish to attend. Student Council will then draw a specific number of tickets from each bucket, and if a student’s ticket is drawn, they will then be able to participate in the Charity week activity. It should be noted that students do not have to pay at lunch for the ticket that they wish to raffle off. If the student wins the raffle, they then will have to pay the $5 for their participation in the event.

Charity week is brand new at SLEHS. It is a school wide event that was made to bring SLEHS and Lakeland High School closer together. “The whole point of the charity week is to get the whole school involved in the event,” explains David Crapps, one of the LVC student representatives on Student Council.

Both schools are raising money for freshman, Genika Landry. Landry goes to Lakeland high school and is a member of the Make-a-Wish foundation. The money raised for Landry will go towards her wish to meet Steven Spielberg, academy award winning director.

Not only will the money raised go to Landry, but it will also go to the Make -a-Wish organization in Michigan. “Student council is hoping this event will boost the moral of the students at both schools,” says Melanie Cosens, LVC student representative and junior class treasurer.  

Student Council has begun raising money for the cause through both South Lyon versus South Lyon East basketball games. “[These games will be attended by a lot of people] so we chose [these] games to raise money at,” reflects Max Topping, LVC student representative.

Student Council will be selling T-shirts throughout the week as well. “This is a great way for students to get involved,” comments Cosens.

Both SLE Student Council and Lakeland High School have a goal of $1,200 from each school and $10,000 combined. Both schools will need to fulfill their financial goal in order to be able to grant Landry’s wish

Student Council is hoping to make this event an annual event at SLEHS and get the entire student body involved.“Hopefully everyone will participate in the event and make it a blast,” Topping says out of excitement.

Spirit week days have not been selected by Student Council, but they are working on getting that information out to the student body as soon as possible, and getting them approved by administration. “We will announce the spirit days as soon as we have decided on them,” says Topping.