Yearbook Update


By Dominic Albanys

As the school year hits the halfway mark, the yearbook team is vigorously working to complete the yearbook for the 2018-19 school year.

When a class is given the task of creating a whole yearbook from scratch, we often wonder “how far along in production is the book?” and “how is it looking so far?”

When asked about the progress of the yearbook, Senior Alex Deinek stated “We have finished many pages and are on track for the deadline”

Senior Sabrin Sekon confirmed this: “We are actually almost close to being done.”

Right now, they are working on the mock elections part of the yearbook. Some of the sport pages have been completed, but others have not because the winter season has only just finished the spring season has yet to get into full swing.

After last year’s very successful yearbook, some are wondering if this year’s book will live up to the past or if it will fall short. But, both Sabrin and Alex assure it will be very cool.

Students are always interested in what the theme of the yearbook will be, but Senior Alex Deinek said “We are not allowed to share it, but the idea was created by students.”

Senior quotes have been something everyone wants to return since their removal two years ago, but it has been said they will not be making a return this year.

Nevertheless, the yearbook is an exciting part of any school year and will be used as a token for remembering these very short and special moments of our high school lives.