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Winter Signing Day

Going from left to right, Brooklyn Porter, senior, Faith Delgado, senior, Emma Russo, senior, and Sadie Storm, senior, in center,

By: Addison Salyer 

South Lyon East had their annual winter signing day on Tuesday, February 5th, in the Multipurpose room above the gym at 2:30 with the support of many parents, teachers, and students from East.

During the event, nine SLE student athletes signed for college. Some of the South Lyon East staff came in support of their students. Along with teachers,the room was filled with coaches, parents, friends, and classmates.

Athletic Director, Greg Michaels, told us how the system works here at East for these future scholars,“The NCAA sets specific dates for college bound athletes. Specifically for division one and two who sign a letter of intent, which basically is saying [that] I’m coming to your school.”

Michaels also described that everyone that is college bound, and is going to the next level of their academic and athletic career, is invited to come to signing day here at East. Michaels said,“Our goal with the East Signing Day is to invite any student athlete who is playing at the next level, even if they’re not East Athletes.”

Michaels typically picks three dates for signing: fall, winter, and spring. The signing day that the student commits will depend on when they decide to commit to their school.

One of these nine students, Sadie Storm, senior at South Lyon East High School signed for Women’s Ice Hockey at Post University out in Waterbury, Connecticut. She tells us that she decided to commit here mainly because of her love for hockey.

Storm said,“I love the East Coast and being out there. It’s a beautiful area.” Storm is looking forward to attending her dream college with the support of everyone that made an appearance at her signing.

“Both of my parents came to support and my best friends [came] as well,” Storm remembered. Students that sign expressed that they’re extremely thankful for the people that show their presence at their signing day. They love their South Lyon East staff and their South Lyon East peers that show as well.

Government and World Studies teacher here at East, Nellie Daniels, shared that she attended signing day to show her support toward her previous students.

Daniels said,“I went to signing day, and I stood and watched all of the kids sign their letters, and it was really nice to see these students that I’ve had in my classroom. It was nice to see all their hard work in action.”

Daniels and Michaels both expressed that they’re proud of these students for their hard work and their positive representation towards East High School.

Michaels shares that these students are,“Some of our best and brightest” at our school. He also mentions that, “The data shows that kids who are well, doesn’t matter if it’s athletics or any sort of activity, they do better in the classroom.”

“These are college bound, college ready students, so I think it says a lot about our athletics and academics,” Michaels says proudly.

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