Upcoming Student Council VA Trip


By Kayla Case

The student council annual veterans hospital field trip is coming up, and, though there is no official date yet, it is going to take place this spring.

The VA veterans hospital, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, serves as a place where soldiers injured in war can get the care and rehabilitation they need. 

The hospital has a strict policy that states no more than two visitors at a time are allowed, which makes it hard for the council to take big groups, so there is a limit of six people allowed per trip.  

The trip is around five hours long. The student council members will leave in the morning, during school hours, and return before school ends for the day. On the trip, the council will be serving lunches, listening to stories, playing games, and helping out around the hospital.

The student council members went for the first time last year. Junior representative for the executive council, Isabella Satti said, “I wanted to go last year but I couldn’t, and I am very excited to go this year”.

The Support the Troops committee members have made care packages for the veterans that consist of many things to do: coloring books with colored pencils, sudoku, wordsearches, and even candy ranging from chocolates to candy canes.

Mrs. Sepulveda, Council leader, is very excited to be going on this field trip again. “These are amazingly brave citizens who fought for their country; they deserve to have their stories listened to.” said Sepulveda.

All members participating in the trip this year are very excited to go. Sophomore class leader, Mrs. Pyles, said,”I had a lot of fun last year, and I can’t wait to go again this year”.