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2019 Prom Planning Secrets Will Soon be Revealed


By: Emily Deeds 

Junior Student Council members will announce the theme to the South Lyon East 2019 Prom, which will be on May 10th at Plymouth Manor, during the Student Staff Basketball Game. The game and the Prom reveal will be on March 29, 2019.

The annual South Lyon East High School Student Staff Basketball Game will be in March, before spring break. The theme of the 2019 prom is a kept secret. Only the Junior class Student Council knows of the theme of the moment.No other students know the theme, including Student Council members of other classes, this is until the Student Staff Basketball Game, of course.

Tickets for Prom will be sold by the Junior class Student Council members at all lunches. According to Executive Council Treasurer and member of the Junior Class Student Council, Jared Keeney, the exact date of ticket sales and ticket pricing are to be determined, and the price of tickets depends on how much the student council makes from fundraising.

“It’s all a secret… I’m not really allowed to say anything,” said Keeney. Junior class Student Council members on the Prom planning committee have separate meetings where they are responsible for choosing the theme and organizing prom.

Keeney was only able to reveal the positive direction planning is going in: “We’re ahead of schedule and we have everything ready, down payments and everything and it’s gonna be the best prom.”

“Planning the prom was stressful but it was also very fun at the same time- coming up with different idea and figuring out what people would think was good,” said Senior, Aleison Kowalski, Student Council President and 2018 Prom planning committee leader.

Last year, Kowalski led her class in Prom planning, which had the theme of ‘I Love New York’. The South Lyon East Prom took place at the Plymouth Manor in 2018, as it has for years past. “A lot of stress has been taken off of my shoulders, I’m excited to actually go this year. Hopefully the juniors do good,” said Kowalski.

“So like it’s a secret for all of the grades except for the juniors, and then they have their meetings and they plan everything and do the big theme reveal,” said Sophomore Student Council Vice President, Alexzandria Barone.

 Barone revealed, “I want to run for Junior Class President so I can get the opportunity to be in charge of everything for prom.”

“It’s cool because you get to pick the theme for not necessarily your prom, but just to plan it for your friends that are seniors and see their faces when they get to go,” said Barone, who added that while underclassmen can attend prom, it is dedicated mostly to Seniors.

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