Cougarettes Begin Competition Season


By Drew Abrams

Now that the South Lyon East Cougarettes are finished with football season, the team is gearing up for the 2019-2020 competition season.  

The Cougarettes is a team that practice traditional pom, which is different from cheer or dance. Traditional pom is a sport that requires rigid and tight routines, unlike dance.

“It’s fun,” said Senior Olivia Krug.

Krug has been doing traditional pom since seventh grade, and has been with the same coaches ever since. Krug has become close with her coaches, saying that they are like family.

But despite the fun in being a part of the Cougarettes, competition season greatly increases the workload. According to freshmen Audrey Condra and Maya Fukomori, practices will increase from three days a week to five days once they actually begin to compete with other teams. 

“I think we’re going to do really good,” Condra said, “we have ten seniors on our team.”

As many of the Cougarettes have now practiced traditional pom for several years, they have a very experienced and practiced team competing this year.

Cougarettes will be performing at halftime for the home basketball game on Dec. 10. The first competition for the team will be mid-January.