“Bow To Toe”: the Varsity Sideline Cheer Team was Filled with Spirit


By Madison Parrish

As football season has come to an end, so has sideline cheer.

The South Lyon East Sideline Cheer team’s conditioning started in July, with a 4 month season ahead of them.

Considering this long season, Riley Welton mentioned, “I wish the season was way longer than it was, sideline cheer is always so fun.”

Although the season started in July, the first game was in August, where the girls got to cheer in front of the crowd. 

The cheer team had a new coach this year, Ms. Julie.

Junior Leah Wichman said, “We had one of the best seasons we have ever had, Ms. Julie really pushed us harder than we have had before.”

Many on the team agreed that one of their favorite parts about sideline cheering was seeing and hearing the student section join along with the cheers; it brings spirit to both the cheer team and the football players.

Freshmen Olivia Reise said, ‘‘The best part about the football games is the festivity, everybody goes all out for football games, and I think that is so much fun.” 

Even when the weather was rainy and chilly, the girls still cheered with spirit and smiles.

“I like to cheer just because I like being peppy and cheering on the football team, and I love cheering everyone up and getting them (the Students) hyped for the game,” Reise mentioned.

With the sideline season ending with the football season, many sideline cheerleaders have now joined competitive cheer during the winter.