SLE Freshmen Volleyball Team Recently Finished their Season


By Katie Patton

The South Lyon East Girls Freshmen Volleyball team ended their season by taking third overall in their last tournament.

Kelsey Masserant, the freshmen coach, has been coaching freshman volleyball at East for four years.

Masserant is happy with of the outcome of this season, saying she enjoys coaching the team and that the girls “finished the season strong.”

Finishing with a pretty high ranking compared to other teams, the girls still faced a number of challenges this season.

According to player Sophie Storm,  “Our toughest opponent was South Lyon.” 

In anticipation for next year’s season, the team feels like they need to work on their consistency.

In terms of consistency, Masserant mentioned,“We were a little up and down with games, but that comes with different levels of play.”

Being freshmen, the players have varied levels of experience with the game, especially at the high school level. Masserant always takes this into consideration during games.

Although the season was over for the freshmen girls, they still showed their support to the JV and Varsity teams. They brought spirit and encouragement while cheering from the sidelines.

A member of the Varsity Volleyball team, Madie Patton, said that it “was a really big help” when the freshmen came to support them, especially the games against tough opponents.

“They brought energy and made the game more exciting, which encouraged me to put in more effort and try to do better,” Patton said.