Varsity Volleyball Has Historic Season

By Cole Nunnery

Throughout the season, South Lyon East High School’s Varsity Volleyball Team accomplished several things that no other team has been able to do in the past. 

Their overall record held at an unprecedented 30-8-2 for the season. 

According to, South Lyon East ranked #43 in the state, among 461 total teams. 

Along with that, the team also became the first ever in school history to win the LVC (Lakes Valley Conference), with a conference record of 7-1.

One thing that players were most excited about was the accomplishment of beating cross-town rivals, South Lyon High.

The 3 game sweep of South Lyon also marked the first time East Volleyball has ever beaten them in School History. 

Going into districts, the team expressed extreme excitement and confidence about their season. 

The girls contribute some of their success to the closeness of the team.

Senior Emma Williams, who has played volleyball since 7th grade, and has spent her junior and senior years on the Varsity team, said, “I felt like we connected really well together and became really close friends over a short period of time.”

Senior Emily Haglethorn, agreed, “This team is different from past seasons because of the closeness of the team and the bond that we had with each other throughout the season.

Hagelthorn has played volleyball for 6 years, with 3 of those years being for East Varsity.  She is currently a Lake Superior State volleyball commit. 

Although the team had been upset in the first round of districts, there is plenty to look forward to next year. 

With only three graduating players and a promising JV team, East Volleyball hopes to contend for deep playoff runs in coming seasons.