East Choir Dominates Choir Wars for 2nd Year


Winning Victory: East High School won the golden music stand for the second time in a row, Lisa Marie Museracia (left) and Renee Sonnet (right) pose with the musical stand that they won and smile bright. Photo taken by John Methias .

On Friday, January 12, SLEHS and SLHS prepared for war. Held at South Lyon High, Choirs at East and Old including 8th grade choir members all fought to win.

Choir wars was a planned event full of games, food, meeting people and of course singing. Over four hundred students were seated in South Lyon High’s auditorium watching a short video before the games started and war began.

Mr. Middaugh, South Lyon East High School’s choir director, said,“Choir wars is a fun way for the choir programs at the two South Lyon High Schools to interact in a friendly competition, while also giving the 8th graders at CMS and MMS a taste of what choir is like.”

During choir wars the agenda was short and simple: watch a video with the middle schoolers, break off into teams, go to the first two games, break for lunch, practice songs, play two more games, then finally perform a song as a whole school. The whole choir wars lasted for a total of six and a half hours.

Jackson Southwell a senior from East said, “My favorite part of choir wars was when we won the golden stand again.”

Alex Shaw a freshman from East choir said, “My favorite part was rehearsing with the 8th graders because it gives you an opportunity to work with incoming 9th graders.”    

The games were interesting with South Lyon High being in charge of the whole event this year they had a total of four games: musical squares, shipwreck, family feud, and human rock, paper, scissors.

When choir wars came to an end the stage was filled with all four hundred students from all the schools combined.

“The stage was hot and crazy, I could barely move from place to place, I literally had no way of getting to the front of the stage,” said Sierra Wiles a freshmen at East 

After the song was over they revealed who the winner of this year’s choir war: South Lyon East High School. This was their second win in a row! East kids screamed and yelled with excitement for their victory. The Cougars took home the golden stand again.