NHS Helping Children in Need


Front row (L to R): Rocky Harrison, Kara Mekjian, Grace Stalions, Taylar Sciborski, and Gretchen Ascher Back row (L to R): Andrew Liskey, Madison Zielinski, Anne Liskey, and Grace Balog. Photo by Mr. Schmitz.

NHS is helping children at Motts Children Hospital, in Ann Arbor, by making blankets.

“NHS has done this for a number of  years,” Analytical chemistry teacher, Mr. Schmitz says, “Motts looks for anything that the community can give. For example, the middle school has done book drives, and they request for game systems.”  Motts representatives came to pick up the blankets at South Lyon East on Friday, March 23.

To start this process of making blankets, Mr. Schmitz purchases blanket materials at Joann Fabrics when sales go up to 50-70 % off. “I purchase at least two thousand dollars worth of materials, but with the sales, I end up spending four to five hundred dollars,” Schmitz says. With this amount of materials, about forty five blankets are made.

NHS members receive service hours to put in for the time they spend in National Honor Society. NHS member Grace Balog says, “I put in about twenty service hours making blankets.”

“Making blankets is relaxing,” Balog says, “It’s a good time to hang out and talk to people. The mood is very chill.” Balog made two blankets.

Parents/family of NHS members don’t really contribute to blankets making, everything is completed at the school.

NHS is made up of juniors and seniors. They come in, get their things and make blankets. Gretchen Ascher says, “It’s like a do it yourself project, with the help of Mr. Schmitz.”

The National Honor Society doesn’t have any official deadline for finished blankets, but they like to have them done in February so that the hospital can use them in cold weather.