Reflecting on Pumpkinfest


While taking in the exciting sights and sounds of this past South Lyon Pumpkinfest, I asked some residents and students I met what about Pumpkinfest is important to them and what memories of it they cherish over the years.

What does Pumpkinfest mean to you?

  • “Well, my favorite part about it is just getting out here with all the people…everyone’s just so happy and havin’ fun. I mean this has kinda become my second town I feel like I’ve been adopted every time I come here.” (He currently lives in Glen Arbor by Traverse City, but he used to live in Ortonville; that’s how he heard about this festival.) 

    Patrick Harrison, the Lord of the Gourd.


“It’s really special to me I like to have it around every year. It’s just a fun festival that I get to hang out with my friends with.”

Olivia Pickl, South Lyon student.


“It’s like a fun opportunity to like see your friends and like have fun and it a fun community event and like anyone of any age can go.”

Leah Radcle, South Lyon student.


“We like that it’s local and we liked all the different street vendors and my kids just have a lot of fun.”

Gary Gochenour, South Lyon resident.


“It’s just a nice family thing, you know what I mean?, A family get together. And, like, it’s creating great memories, you know.”

Laura Moffat, South Lyon resident.


“It’s good to get the community together, It’s a communal thing. It’s good to see people that you know that come together, you know, and the food and the games are fun.”

Scott Ford, South Lyon resident.


“It’s like the way to gather around with your community and get to know each other.”

 Mackenzie Bird, South Lyon student.


What is your favorite memory from Pumpkinfest?


“Boy, I don’t even know if I have a favorite. The best part is just seeing people I didn’t expect. I think for me it’s the best part about it is cause I’ve been doing this so long is a see people come here with their kids and they remember me and then the next year they come back and the kids are a little bit bigger I’m a little older a little grayer and it’s like I watch their kids grow up right in front of me and I make friends that I see every year.”

Patrick Harrison, The Lord of the Gourd.


“My favorite memory is probably last year. I was on the wrestling team so I got to show a lot of people how to do wrestling stuff (on stage)”

Jack Toth, South Lyon student.


“My first time coming here, it was so big and so overwhelming and so exciting so I liked that.”

Leah Radcle, South Lyon student.


“Well we loved the pumpkins that were piled up…we just loved the people that were taking family pictures and stuff. Just how friendly the people are and we like a lot of the displays, that was nice too.”

Laura Moffat, South Lyon resident.


“Honestly I think it was winning the goldfish ’cause that’s how we started… all of our animals came from that one goldfish. Now we have a fish tank, two lizards, a dog, and a cat.”

Scott Ford, South Lyon resident.


“Probably singing on the stage (last year and the year before) sang jar of hearts and then sang a duet with all of me.”

Mackenzie Bird, South Lyon student.