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Homecoming Pathway Decorations

On Wednesday, October 10, 2018, South Lyon East’s student council put up their pathway decorations. Each class was given a pathway and told to decorate it in accordance with their class decade that they chose after picking the homecoming theme the year prior. The freshman were given the 3400 hallway to decorate 90’s themed, the sophomores were given the 2400 pathway to decorate 70’s themed, the juniors were given the 3200 pathway to decorate 80’s themed, and finally, the seniors had to decorate the 2200 pathway to decorate 50’s themed.


For their last pathway decorations in high school, the seniors decorated for the 1950’s. Here’s how the process began; 

Senior, Will Ray, grabs some decorations for the hallway.
The senior class council working hard on their middle isle pathway.

The end result of the senior pathway.


The class of 2020 won their third pathway decorating in a row this year by decorating an 80’s themed hall. Here’s how it started; 

Juniors run around frantically after finishing the” living room” area earlier.
The juniors finished pathway.


This year the sophomore class chose the 1970’s to decorate their hallway in. Here’s a look at how the disco era entered the 2400 pathway; 

Two class council members, Andrea Mandez and Ethan Nussbaum,  working together on the ceiling decorations.
The sophomores’ “That 70’s Show” inspired sign.
The sophomores final decorations for their pathway.


For their fist pathway decorations, the freshman decorated the 3400 pathway 90’s themed. Here’s how the decorating process went; 

The freshman class, including their advisors Ms. Glunt and Mrs. Duncan, working on the hanging shapes in their pathway.
The freshman’s geometric sign in their pathway.
The final hallway decorations for the freshman class.

From BEast News, Great job to all of the class council members on their hallways!

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