The Results Are In…

Winners for best laugh: Jessica Kessler-left, Matthew Emery- center, and Tristana Harris- right.

Winners for best laugh: Jessica Kessler-left, Matthew Emery- center, and Tristana Harris- right.

By Aundrea Kalchik

The Senior Mock Election voting took place on January 9. All seniors voted via an emailed Google Form. In the Google Form, seniors choose who they wished to win each mock election category.

Each category was divided into pairs so both a boy and a girl would be chosen for each personality trait.  The person who had the most votes in that category was the winner.

Senior Sadie Storm, who won Class Clown along with senior Cody Killian, was pretty happy that she won. “I feel like that’s just something I take pride in-making people laugh. [It’s] good to know other people think I’m funny besides me and my mom,” Storm said.

Senior Brook Willenborg, who won Most Athletic Girl, said,  “I thought it was fun to win because it’s cool that our seniors get recognized and everyone sees it!” 

Storm didn’t think she was going to win that category let alone any category at all. “I wasn’t really expecting anything being honest but I’m glad people get a laugh out of the dumb things I say. It makes me happy to see other people happy,” Storm remarked.

Senior Terry Day, on the other hand, wasn’t so shocked that he won the category Best Smile.

“Everyone told me they were going to vote for me,” Day beamed.

Willenborg also knew about people voting for her but wasn’t so sure she would actually win. “I knew people were voting for me but there are other athletic girls in our grade so I wasn’t sure if I was going to win,” Willenborg said.

Since the Mock Election isn’t so secretive, it was very easy for seniors to tell other seniors who they wished to vote for. 

The voting ended on January 15 and the results were soon calculated. The winners took photos in Cougar Hour on February 5 outside of Mrs. Krieger’s room. The compete list of winners is below, but to see how all the photos turned out, students will have to wait for the release of the yearbook!