New Remote Wednesday Schedule to Begin in S2

These are the words sent out to families last week regarding the Wednesday schedule change for second semester:

Our Secondary Instruction Committee has been meeting over the past two months to examine needs identified through student, parent, and staff surveys that were administered in late fall related to the block schedule, remote learning, including the current Wednesday schedule. 

The biggest needs that were identified were time for students to meet with teachers for extra help, time for students to complete redos/retakes for courses to show mastery in learning, time for students to meet with service providers (i.e. case managers, speech and language pathologists, OT/PT, counselors, social workers, etc.), as well as meeting the need of providing additional professional time for teachers to plan, collaborate, or participate in professional learning in order to provide the best instruction to our students. 

In order to better meet these needs, Middle and High School students will begin this new Wednesday schedule at the beginning of 2nd semester and continue it while we are in the hybrid model. Students will meet with each of their teachers remotely as we currently do on Wednesdays. During each class period, teachers will communicate a plan for the period with students that includes activities and instruction to help students move forward in their mastery of content standards. These class periods may also include time for students to meet in small groups with teachers and support staff, work on redos and retakes for their classes, and receive extra help from their teachers. 

High School Wednesday Schedule to begin the week of January 25, 2021:

  Independent Student Work Time (Teacher Professional Time)
  1st Hour Class (Check-in/Attendance/Student Support Time)
  2nd hour Class (Check-in/Attendance/Student Support Time)
  3rd hour Class (Check-in/Attendance/Student Support Time) 
  4th hour Class (Check-in/Attendance/Student Support Time)
  5th hour Class (Check-in/Attendance/Student Support Time)
  6th hour Class (Check-in/Attendance/Student Support Time)