A Christmas Story Debuts this Week at East


South Lyon East High School cast and crew members are excited to present to you “A Christmas Story” on November 18-21.

“A Christmas Story” is about a young boy who wants a BB gun for Christmas, but his family and teachers say it is a bad idea. The young boy (Ralphie) dreams about having a BB gun and catching bad guys with it. It has taken months of preparation for this play to be put together.

Wendy Sielaff, the director, helps the students put on the show. 

Senior Grant Kruger plays the old man in the play. Kruger is  the president of the theatre board and this is his last play here at East . “Want to put on a good show, I’ll be sad later,” Kruger said. 

“The crew has 32 techs this year,” Trinity Bass, the left stage manager, says. Bass is also a senior this year, and has been left stage manager for 3 years. Bass likes the position since it makes her feel powerful yet helpful. 

“Watching them, helping them in the back… it’s an adrenaline rush. [We] rush everyone to get on stage and get on their spots in time,” Bass said.  Bass added that sometimes she has to be mean to the cast and crew to get things done. 

Although several seniors are nostalgic to perform their last show, others are nervous for their first high school performance.

“The play is going to go well, and has a lot of new freshman casts,” Bass said. 

In the cast, the main characters are mostly freshmen this year. Freshman Ryan O’Conner is the lead, Ralphie.

O’Conner said, “Nervous, yes. Scared, no. Excited, yes!” 

O’Conner said his biggest fan is his cat. Kruger’s biggest fan is his parents. His mother helps him run lines for the play to get ready. 

Senior Molly Reeds is a crew member who does the makeup and hair. Reeds has also done 4 years with the theatre program. 

“It’s a nice community and a good friendship group to be a part of. Everyone gets along with each other,” Reeds said. “It’s a nice group to become close with make new friends.”

“Do what you love, and dream big,” Kruger said.  

Shows will be performed all weekend and tickets can be purchased through their website southlyoneastdrama.com.

East students are allowed to buy tickets at a discount.