Girl’s Soccer Tryouts


The East High School girls soccer team is having tryouts on March 13 and 14, 2023.

The girls varsity team has won LVC’s for the past two years and won districts following up with a regionals game, which was lost both times in an overtime shootout. This team is proud of their success and is hoping for some new talented players to fill spots that were lost.

Workouts for pre-season began in January every Tuesday and Thursday on the track after school with a total of ten conditioning sessions, two per week. These contained running, weight lifting, footwork, and ladders. Each workout was a total of two hours. 

On Tuesday, January 17, they had a meeting in the athletic room where Head Coach Pete Stoyanovich went over some crucial topics that the girls needed to hear. This meeting gave the coach and girls an opportunity to see how this season will play out and to see if any of their opinions or views have changed. 

During the meeting Coach Pete mentioned many things. He talked about how the girls are moving to Division 1 this year and how they will be playing more complex and challenging competition but he wants the girls to keep that from getting to their head or in the way of them playing the game they know how to play.

Kaylie Samluk is a senior on the team and this is her fourth year on varsity. “One of the most important points that coach Pete brought up to us was that we are moving to division 1 this year,” Samluk said, “We will be playing much harder competition and I think it might have an impact on the team slightly.” 

Alyssa Melqusit is also a returning senior and she plays center forward for the team. “I agree with Kaylie, us moving to division 1 this year will have an impact on our mindsets going into the season,” Melquist explained.

This year the girls will be moving from division 2 to 1 and this will give them much harder competition.

Even with the change to Division 1 Samluk still has faith in this team to make it far in the season. “Even though we are moving to division 1 I feel like the core of our team is still super strong. Yes, we did lose some key players this year but if we want it bad enough we could have just as great a season as we did last year,” Samluk said.

Even with the change to Division 1, their coach has made sure to run through the 7 goals that they want to achieve and they haven’t changed since last year. 

“Yes we did move to Division 1 but that doesn’t change anything. We still have the same 7 goals as we did last year and that includes winning regionals and states. We still have many strong and talented seniors that have returned to play with us and with the help of the underclassmen we can have another amazing season. The fact that we moved leagues shouldn’t change the way we play or our mindsets, we are going to play our game the way we know how to play,” Stoyanovich said. 

Coach Pete held workouts and opportunities to meet the girls and create relationships pre-season. 

Past players encourage younger girls to join the team, “I think our team is really a really fun and positive place to be, you create a lot of your friendships through sports and it’s a lot of fun!” said senior Alex Armstrong.

“Our past seasons have been very successful and being a part of a team with great girls and great players is not something to pass up,” senior Kaylie Samluk said. 

To find more information go to South Lyon East Big Teams Website.