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2018: Year Of the Comebacks


The 90’s was a time of Lizzie Mcguire, crop tops, Britney Spears and loads of denim.

While we wouldn’t like to revisit some of those trends (Ahhh! platform heels), here are some welcome comebacks that are trending.

The Scrunchie

First up, is the 90’s world-renowned scrunchie. It has made a comeback and we’re loving it.

Scrunchies are as dated as butterfly clips, as loved as much as chokers and, collectively, had been lost or thrown out by most of the population by the mid-1990s.

Yet, girls still understand the moment of taking out a tight, painful, hair-ripping ponytail only to find themselves having to deal with… the crease.

“Ponytails are annoying,” Freshman Bella Rhul claims, “scrunchies are so convenient, I love them… they don’t leave any creases or dents in your hair!”

Maybe it was when fictional style idol Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City famously disclosed “No woman … would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie” that girls quietly slid the scrunchie out of their hair and threw it away, killing the trend.

Maybe not.

“It’s not my taste… I was never interested in them,” says Sophomore Elise Kirkwood.

Either way, almost twenty years later, huge name brands such as Louis Vuitton and Lululemon are selling thousands of these accessories worldwide and at alarmingly high prices.

Many popular public figures such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and even Harry Styles are wearing scrunchies.

“I always see celebrities like the Jenner’s and the Hadid’s rocking the 90’s style and scrunchies are by far one of my faves!” Rhul states.

But don’t be confused, some companies have re-branded the scrunchie, calling it a “hair cloud”, upping the price tag for good measure.


Nothing screams 90’s more than sitting on your cheap leather couch as a pre-teen and clapping along to the theme song of Friends. More than twenty years later, teens are still gathering around to sing, clap, and laugh along to the hit-classic.

Friends is a 90’s icon… it’s a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable TV show. Actually, I watched all ten seasons,” Kirkwood admits, “Friends is so lighthearted and funny… it’s so different from many of the newer sitcoms.”

As the year 2018 hit, many fake trailers for a Friends movie were released, stirring up commotion among fans all over the world. In response, Courtney Cox, the actor for Monica, appeared on  Late Show with David Letterman  saying that it’s difficult enough for the six of them to get together for a cast dinner, let alone a full-fledged reunion!

“No matter how many years pass or how many remakes, nothing will be the same as the original Friends,” Kirkwood declares, “Even if they’re not as different from today’s sitcoms.”

Still, even after twenty years, USA Today states that Friends still pulls in a whopping one-billion dollars each year and, according to Netflix, is one of the most watched TV shows on their site.

Why all this popularity? Kirkwood explains, “I love the fact the show can be funny and serious and the same time!” 

R & B Music

Michael Jackson, Usher, Alicia Keys. They were 90’s idols to sing along to with friends during sleepovers or driving in cars.

R&B originated in the 1940’s and its popularity grew unchallenged until the 90’s when pop music such as the Spice Girls and Britney Spears stole the spotlight. This destroyed the R&B trend…until now.

Billboard reported that R&B was 2017’s biggest genre, accounting for 24% of all human music.

“R&B allows artist to be creative in so many different ways,” claims Freshman Emily Sehee.

“I agree. It’s really unique…different from any other kind of music, I love it,” agrees Freshman Paige Radloff.

In 2017, some of our favorite artists left the R&B genre, like Kanye West, but many new artists joined the R&B party such as “Lil’ Pump” who, with his brand new beats, changed the whole game. Love it or hate it, Pump’s “Gucci Gang” still remains in the mainstream and, as of now, still sits on Billboard’s top 100.

As for a favorite R&B singer, students had different opinions.

“Ugh, It’s hard to pick a favorite artist, but I’ll have to go with Drake,” Sehee confesses.

“Frank Ocean for sure!” Radloff  asserts.

In 2018 , there will be over one hundred concerts dedicated to R&B in Detroit alone. 

Scrunchies, Friends, R&B, those are just the beginning of comebacks for the year of 2018. If you are interested in more tends that are making a comeback check out Buzzfeed’s article here.

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