An East Side Summer

An East Side Summer

The long school year is almost over at South Lyon East High School and many students are flying down the home stretch towards the finish line: the Summer of 2018.

But when someone says “Summer,” what do they think of?

50 students from Classical Literature 2nd hour, Government 3rd hour, and Physics 4th hour students were surveyed on their thoughts, views, and plans for this upcoming summer and gave some interesting insight into this special season.

Describing their upcoming summers as busy or relaxed, students answered as follows:

As for their plans of staying home or traveling, the results were more mixed.

Interestingly enough, 18 out of the 50 students surveyed mentioned working this upcoming summer.

Finally, what will students miss most while on summer break?

Soon enough students will be back in school . Registration for 2018-19 will be the week of August 20. Check the SLCS website for the latest times and locations.