Trout Lake: A Summer Retreat


Island Lake State Park, also known as Island Lake Recreation Area, is home to Trout Lake–a summer hot spot for a beach day.  This state park is located in Brighton, Michigan about 3 minutes from I-96 on Kensington Road.

Trout Lake is a local lake with many small, secluded, beaches around the edge of the shore. This is a very popular spot for students and community members to bike, go for dog walks, fish, swim, get your tan on, and many students bring their hammocks along for the trip.


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Along with the two mile trail around Trout, there are multiple trails that lead to new adventures. Finding new plants and animals not seen everyday is pretty normal as well, such as the butterfly pictured above.


David Owen, SLEHS Junior, adds, “Trout Lake is definitely comparable to the ‘up-north’ feel with out even going very far from your house.”


“It is very friendly, I go with my family sometimes, with my friends sometimes…It is pretty safe, fun, clean to go to,” said Junior Isabella Succuro.


There is a slight walk, about 10 minutes, to the isolated, but popular lake. However, many enjoy this- especially pets. There are a plentiful amount of dogs to pet and play with while at the friendly lake.

Click the map (below) to find directions and start planning a visit! For more information on Island Lake State Park click here.