Band and Choir Combined Holiday Concert


The holidays are drawing near which means that the band and choir members are practicing for their combined concert on Thursday, Dec. 21 at seven o’clock p.m.

Choir members are learning the words to loved Christmas songs, while the band members are learning the instrumentals.

The concert is typically full of laughter and singing.

Leah Paynter, a senior in East Vocal Ensemble (EVE) said, “ The concert is more relaxed than our other concerts, people can’t clap till the very end of the concert which means it’s a continuation round of singing and listening to the band play.”

Resident Pamela Wiles said, “It’s my favorite concert because people get to see the band and choir perform and they are not just standing on stage they the whole time, instead they are moving and looking alive as well as being involved with the audience.”

With the concert being more relaxed, choir and band members are everywhere, they’re in the stands, on stage, and in the isle way. People in the audience have to keep turning to see where everyone is at different times and with there not being any stops in between songs choir and band people are constantly on the move.

Alex Shaw, A freshman in Cougar Chorale said, “ I worry that I’ll forget the words even though I probably wouldn’t it’s still something I think about.”

The choir is split into 3 different hours and each class is different. Students can be in the leading class ,East Vocal Ensemble (EVE), the intermediate choir class, Bel Canto, or the beginning choir class, Cougar Chorale.  Students can also be a member of the extra curricular A Cappella Choir. 

The concert is open for anyone who wants to come and see it, and there is no cost to attend. 

Wiles added, “If you’re into listening to music and hearing people play instruments then you’ll love the concert.”