Thank You Ms. Mccallum!

This week is teacher appreciation week, and our crew at Beast News would like to take a moment to thank our amazing teacher and mentor Mrs. McCallum.

She works diligently to shape us into the best journalists we can be, and she teaches us the proper way to research, write, edit, and publish all of the stories seen on this site.


Here are some messages from some of us at Beast News.


“I’m very thankful for Mrs. McCallum helping me improve my English in a fun way.”

—Romee Francken.


“Thank you for everything you have done as a teacher. You are kind and understanding and truly make school an enjoyment!”

—Grace Hayes.


“Thank you so much for a great year. You’ve helped me grow as a person, writer, and a photographer. Can’t wait for next year!”

—Hunter Sutton.


“Many thanks to Mrs. McCallum for trying her best to make sure her classes are all taken care of to help us become better English students.”

—Emily Taliaferro.


“This year, while taking journalism, I never realized how much I would learn about the business but also how much journalism pushes you as a person. I don’t think I would have learned that without Mrs. McCallum pushing us to be better journalists with every story we write. With that, I can’t wait to learn more next year!!”

—Isabella Satti.


“Mrs. McCallum, thank you for making fifth hour one of my favorites, this year you really helped be get out of my shell by doing all those interviews and dreadful skits. Thank you for always being kind and lenient towards me.”

—Elizabeth Stoian.


All of these students, and those who remain unlisted, are very thankful for all you do, Mrs. McCallum, and we hope this teacher appreciation week was a memorable one!

—Sincerely, Beast News