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Summer Jams and Good Vibes


The Summer is here and there’s always a few essentials to having a good one. Sunscreen, a bathing suit, some friends, and of course, some music top the list. Here is a playlist created just for you, the students of South Lyon East, for some awesome summer vibes to get you into that summer mood.

Disclaimer: Some songs may be explicit. If you would like a censored version, they are available on most platforms such as; Apple music, iTunes, and Google play.





Ready (feat. Zach Sorgen)- Tritonal and Sultan + Shepard

This song features two heavy hitters in the Dance/electronic world. The song has to do with being ready for anything. The song features a memorable chorus that Tritonal is known for and will certainly be one for the summer parties.

Spaceship (feat. Uffie)- Galantis

Galantis always seem to release amazing singles and this one is no different. They feature Uffie who is an American- French Singer songwriter whose vocals make the song unique. Galantis adds a bit of flair to the song with their normal heavy bass and intense synths, this one will certainly take you to a new a planet this summer.

Better Now- Post Malone

With the release of Post Malone’s new album, he brought some fire to the table. In the song, Post talks of a love that used to be and everything that came with it in the aftermath. Post brings a catchy chorus as well as a few bars in between. You really catch a relatable vibe and this song will be one to bump with your friends after a tough break. Feeling better now?

Everyday- Logic and Marshmello

I’m sure you’ve heard the verse, “I work hard everyday yayaya, I work hard I work hard.” before and in this duo of Logic and Marshmello, things get pretty lit. This song will be great to jam to on sunny days with the windows down and after hours at work when you gotta sweep the floors, just jam it out to this song cause you work hard everyday, so celebrate it!!

Say You Love Me (feat. Skylar Grey)- Seeb

This song is a good one for all the summer couples out there, with a nice lowkey feel from Seeb and excellent lyricism from Skylar Grey as always, you get a really desperate vibe from the song. The song is about someone who feels they’re in love alone and just wants the other person to feel the way they do. This one will be great for parties also, so rock out!!

Finest Hour (feat. Abir)- Cash Cash

If your angry, this is a great song to listen to. It’s all about being young, inexperienced, imperfect, and just feeling angry and maybe a little arrogant. Cash Cash definitely delivers with their jazzy feel and always impressive choruses. This will be one that everyone can get down to. It may not be your finest hour, but at least you have some of the finest music to help you out.

Go- Louis the Child

With Louis the Child’s recent successes in the music world, he decided to drop an excellent EP entitled Love Is Alive. “Go” was featured in a commercial for the new Apple iPad and saw some pretty good success after that. The song is all about going places and trying to figure out your destination. Whether it’s life or just going on a vacation, this one will certainly be a good one long trips and great times. So get going!!

Nice For What- Drake

2018, is Drizzy season and my word did Drake drop some heat with this song. Drake is one of the most world renowned artists from the 6 and he’s ready to pipe up your summer. This song is all about loving yourself and even flexing a little bit in the process. Drake’s bars and old school hip hop feel will have everyone jumping at parties, in the car, and really just anywhere. This one is pretty nice, Drizzy.

ATM- J. Cole

J.Cole is considered one of the greatest rappers alive with Tupac, Nas, and Biggy in the same group. With Cole’s recent release of KOD, this song brought some heat. J. Cole spits some fire in this song and talks about his money and some of his upbringing and how his teachers and everyone else doubted him. Cole talks about how money has changed him and everyone around him and that greed is not the answer to our problems. This song should be the National Bank’s theme song.

Matches- Cash Cash and ROZES

Cash Cash and ROZES, it’s a match made in heaven. This song is all about a teenage love that didn’t work. The main character of the song wonders why they had to break apart and feels as though it will put a damper on the rest of her life. When they were together, everything was great, but sometimes the heart is fragile and the main character got burned down as her heart was made of “matches.” This is a great song for a break ups and with the style that Cash Cash brings to the table, it might make you feel a little better. Try not to get burned this summer.

2006- Skizzy Mars

Skizzy Mars is back to dropping music again. After a successful tour around the country, Skizzy gave us his “are you OK?” EP before he gets the album ready. His first single from the EP was 2006. In the song, Skizzy talks of his mistakes as a teenager and even his young adult years. He talks about how he’s trying to change his ways now as a wiser more experienced person. Skizzy brings a very fun vibe with the music and the lyricism as well. It’s a relatable song and is really a good one to help people out who are experiencing the same things as well. Just don’t dress like it’s 2006.

Summertime (feat. San Holo)- Yellow Claw

The name is fairly self explanatory, it’s time for summer and this one is a great song to jam too. San Holo is featured with Yellow Claw and the two sound great together on this track. The song talks about feeling like it’s summer when it’s not and this time of year, many students feel the same when they’re stuck taking exams. This one is a bit more of a chilled out vibe and will certainly be a good one for those late nights. The song also talks of a relationship of love and how it’s being developed over time. It’s a fun song that will crank up those summertime vibes.

Here is the official link:  Spotify Summer Playlist

Hopefully you enjoy the tunes and have a great summer Cougars, we will see you next year!

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